What penalties will son face with second dui and hit and run in florida? | Arkansas DUI Legal News &

My son was arrested a second time for dui in florida. The last was just over two years ago. He also was involved in a hi

How many days of jail could someone face in Delaware if charged with his second DUI in ten years? |

Also he got in an accident and got charged with driving with a suspended license

Drunken drivers may face restrictions | Arizona DUI Legal News & Help

Drunken driving law changes stall in House JEFFERSON CITY (AP) — Legislation to overhaul the state’s drunken-driving

Has anybody been arrested for a DUI in Michigan? If so, what kind of fines and/or penalties did you

My roommate was arrested for DUI this past weekend, her BAC was 1.25 (legal levels in MI must be below .8). Were just wo

What Charges Will You Face If Convicted Of Dui In New Hampshire? | Florida DUI Legal News & Help

 Even though the states are free to write their own laws, the dui law regarding the point at which someone is class

I recently got charged with a 2nd offense DUI in California, but I want to move to Florida..what wil

I am wondering if anyone knows how the sentence will transfer from one state to the other.

If you get pulled over for dui, you have kids in the car what charges are you likely to face? | New

My friend caught her mother driving drunk. Her mother had her kids in the car. She wants to know if the police would hav

Bail agents face state scrutiny | Texas DUI Legal News & Help

A Drunkards Strike Shuts Down Bolivia After a series of horrendous fatalities, Evo Morales imposes a zero-tolerance DUI

Nonprofit groups face more IRS paperwork | Owe Back Taxes?

Nonprofit groups face more IRS paperwork Nonprofit groups are paying a price for the corporate and accounting misdeeds o

Oilers goalie Khabibulin to face upgraded extreme DUI charge | California DUI Legal News & Help

Police: Hit-and-run driver charged with aggravated DUI BOISE -- Garden City Police say a hit-and-run driver is responsi

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